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  • Emel Poyraz Marmara University


The subject of interpersonal communication within the field of study of science branches such as sociology, psychology, social psychology and communication in the field of social sciences, the technology that is developed and which has become very complex correspond to a very special field in today's communication world. Being a social entity, people are both affected by the environment they are living in and affecting them with their feedback. From the discipline of communication, interpersonal communication encompasses all of human communications and addresses the social and physical environment in all processes interacting, developing and changing relationships, and the consequences of these relationships. The interpersonal communication process is also affected by the current social, political, cultural, economic and historical situation. Therefore, examining interpersonal communication taking these situations into consideration brings the theoretical ground offered by the system approach with it. Because the system approach is defined as a mechanism, the collection of ideas emotion and principles that operate according to a whole or some certain rules created by the parts that interacting with each other. Social shopping theory is based on the recognition of the situations and conditions that the parties are in each other in interpersonal communication and thereby realizing what they need. Social shopping theory operates in a sense according to the principle of reciprocity and exchange. The expression of the system, which can be used for both concrete and abstract assets, refers to a whole piece that operates in an accordance with certain rules, consists of parts and these parts are bonded within harmony and communication with each other. In this study, humans mentioned as social beings have a communication contains the holistic content and going from the idea of this is being the part of the system; interpersonal communication also has a holistic perspective that is addressed in system theory. Inspired by the emphasis of social exchange theory on interdisciplinary interaction from a holistic perspective; It is an experiment to contribute to the interpersonal communication field by making use of all alternative methods and practices without making new, ancient distinctions. Actually this theory is closely associated to interpersonal communication applications. Interpersonal Communication contributes into process that persons start to know each other, providing needs of persons are in a relation and the desire of responding other persons needs




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